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i'm standing here until you make me blue here with you ♪ >> you are looking at preparations for the latest edition of our all american concert series that happens to fall on a friday. >> that's right. lifehouse is going to be performing live. that's why some people have already stopped by. they're trying to get a good spot. also, as is always the case on friday, famous dave's cooking up barbecue all morning long. >> not there. >> delicious. >> if you're in our neighborhood, 48th and sixth avenue, stop on by. unlike those other morning shows, we'll actually feed you today as well. >> that's all, though. >> i know. welcome back to brian kilmeade. he took yesterday off and went to washington, d.c. to lend a hand in the deficit reduction talks. >> i just gave some tension relief to eric cantor who seems to be a little bit angry but very quiet on thursday. >> apparently he took your
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advice because he said nothing. >> he was very quiet. >> yesterday in the meeting. >> what do you mean you gave him some tension relief? >> i just recommended some deep breathing exercises. >> yoga. >> yeah. that's what i'm saying. >> lot of developments. we'll tell you about them in a minute after the headlines. >> thank you. terrifying situation at boston's logan airport when two planes collided on the runway. both planes operated by delta were preparing for takeoff when the wing of one jet clipped the tail of the other. passengers describing the chaos on board. >> the girl next to us was right on the wing and crying and the other guy was jumping out of the emergency exit. >> worst experience of my life. >> investigators looking into what caused that collision. >> looks like we got him in time. new information this morning that usama bin laden was planning to attack the united states on the 10th anniversary of september 11th. navy seals took documents from his compound that revealed he was trying to assemble a team of
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militants to carry out that mission. the plan was reportedly in the discussion phase and he disagreed with the operations chief about who should be on the attack team. casey anthony's lawyers say she's too emotionally drained to testify in a defamation case against her. she's expected to plead the fifth. the case headed to court in two hours. the really zanada gonzalez is suing anthony saying her reputation was ruined when anthony claimed a babysitter of the same name kidnap her. that was a big fat lie. warm welcome for soldiers returning home from war. more than 50 national guard troops returned to cedar rapids, iowa, after spending a year in afghanistan. about 2800 men and women will return home to the area in the next few days. this is the largest deployment that the state has seen since
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world war ii. and those are your headlines. >> let's talk about what's going on. couple of days ago, we heard the president of the united states say don't call my bluff, eric cantor and i'll take my case directly to the american people. today, the president is going to take his case to the american people. he has a press conference this morning at 11:00 a.m. >> we'll see what he says again. there's no talks today, folks. they've been doing them every day this week. there was a rumor maybe they'd go to camp david this weekend but not sure if that's going to happen. no talks today. >> fascinating to see after an hour and 19 minutes yesterday that eric cantor did not say a word today, yesterday, and on thursday. now the president for the second time this week will have his press conference at which time he's going to do something. i think it's his third one in two weeks and second one in one week, he feels as though -- presenting the case in the room that i'm the adult and trying to oversee these two factions getting their act together that he will look like somebody that could get leverage in this
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situation but it's going to be interesting to see if he's going to call everyone in to talk over the weekend. nobody wants to go to camp david. >> nobody. >> to talk. nancy pelosi says this is going fine. i'm not going there. >> she said she was too busy. >> she's too busy and also doesn't like it. >> what the president said yesterday during the 80 minute meeting, it was cordial, we understand. at the end, he said both teams go out. i'm going to give you 24 or 36 hours to talk about the three different options and then caucus and figure out what you're going to do. the democrat plans at this point have not been made public but talk about the three plans, we know mainly about the plan b at this point and that's the mitch mcconnell plan that was floated a couple of days ago. on the big board, we have some of the details as we know them today. >> here they are. spending cuts linked to the plan that gives the president the power to raise the debt limit through 2012.
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remember, he would get three different times he would have that ability to raise the limit. i think it's $700 billion, $900 billion. republicans, some believe that would put the blame more on him so this would be a good idea. $1 trillion in deficit reduction. no tax increase or medicare savings. it could include an extension of unemployment insurance, however. it looks now like, apparently, there's a report this morning that the white house is secretly talking to mcconnell. apparently maybe more of the efforts now going towards that plan b? >> the problem is harry reid is also in on it. the white house has joined in on it and nancy pelosi seems to love it and harry reid seems to like it. absolutely a nonstarter including colonel alan west that says that dog doesn't hunt. here's what it's like on the inside trying to hatch this deal, speaker john boehner. >> we don't have a number as i said yesterday, it's like dealing with jell-o. it just keeps wobbling
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everywhere. senator mcconnell described this as a last ditch effort. no one wants the federal government to walk away from its obligations. no one wants the federal government to default. and as mitch mcconnell said, his proposal was a last ditch effort if we couldn't come to an agreement. it is not my preferred option. >> notice that right there, it is not my preferred option. karl rove was on the hannity program last night. it was interesting, yesterday, mr. rove spoke to a number of house republicans and it sounds like something could be in the offing. perhaps a plan c, a short-term deal or something like that. here he is right here. >> i'm reading the tea leaves and i think they're trying to find a way to get on the offense. best way to get on the offense is say great, you say today, carney goes out, president spokesman, we have $1.5 trillion in cuts that we've all agreed to. all right, take a bunch of them,
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bundle them together, put a debt increase that's less than that and send it to the senate. >> call their bluff. >> now, charles krauthammer is writing today, what they should do is they should pass a short-term deal. i know the president says pass a long-term deal. do a short term deal. half a trillion dollars. something like that. with half a trillion dollars worth of spending cuts because then you give five months worth of time in the bank. you can work on coming to some sort a deal on long term tax reform. >> i don't know about you. i'm tired of thinking of all these different plans. america doesn't have any money left. stop spending. first moody's said possibly we would lose our triple credit rating and now s&p is considering down grading the u.s. credit rating. we'll talk to stu varney about that in a couple of minutes. >> so would china, they would like us to get our ceiling raised. now at 7 minutes after the hour, a lot of people have compared the big release, the big relief of the debt ceiling talks to
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harry potter. my daughter is 8 and can't wait for the debt ceiling talks to conclude and can't wait for the harry potter movie to get here. is there a way for her who is probably up now at 6:08, people love to do that in the summer, is there a way to mesh both and explain this story? >> absolutely. we've done just that. harry potter opens today. you combine the two, you wind up with this. >> i've been hearing from my republican friends for quite sometime, it's a moral imperative to tackle our debts and deficit in a serious way so what i've said to them is let's go. >> we are in a crisis.
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>> i'm voting no on the debt ceiling. >> raised the debt ceiling. >> would the -- >> i will not sign a 30-day or 60-day or 90-day extension. this debt limit increase is his problem. >> finish where we started. >> failure isn't an option. >> this could have been avoided. >> come on! >> you think you can hold the government ransom:
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>> will not support cuts. >> if not now, when? >> very, very nice. who was valtimort? >> everybody. >> unbelievable job. i can't wait to see the movie with that huge cast. how are they going to divide all that money among steny hoyer as well as the president? >> chris white is one of our producers and happens to be very talented in putting that together. the tsa is shaking up its security screenings with an experimental new program. it might be easier to take off your shoes? >> and minnesota's government shutdown is over. it's bound to anger conservatives in every single state. >> he's getting applause. >> come on, stu! [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
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>> first moody's. now this morning the s&p considering down grading the u.s. credit rating. >> stuart varney is here and this is even becoming even a greater concern. why? >> yes, look, the latest move by s&p is an even bigger threat. here's what they're saying. we may downgrade america even if you raise the debt ceiling. if s&p feels that you've not cut enough from government spending and not secured government finances in the future, they may still downgrade us. even though we've raised the debt ceiling. now, that's a whole new layer of threat. in fact, it's a real challenge
6:15 am
to president obama because he's the one who's got to come up with the spending cuts and agree to them. otherwise, we're downgraded and president obama becomes the first sitting president to preside over a downgrade since 1917. this is pressure on obama as of this morning, even more so. >> talking about pressure, pressure on the minnesota governor right now. the new governor there, mark dayton, they've been having a shutdown because he did not want to go along with the republican plan of cutting spending without raising taxes. what's the latest? >> it's not over. they did reach an agreement after several hours of talks yesterday. there will be no tax increase on the rich in minnesota. 7,700 people who make over a million dollars a year, they will not have an extra tax hit but to get everybody back, the republicans have to agree by certain terms laid by democratic governor mark dayton. specifically no mass layoffs of 15% of the work force and $500
6:16 am
million in new spending on infrastructure. that's the deal that the government is proposing. not yet firmly agreed to by the republican rank and file. therefore, it ain't over yet. >> but the damage is being done in the government shutdown. no one is getting paid but politicians are. how unbelievable is that? >> well, is this a mirror image of what's going on in washington? is it a mirror from minnesota to d.c.? i mean, you got the same kind of stand-off in d.c., tdo we raise taxes or cut spending? the same kind of deal may emerge at the very last minute. that's what we've got. >> varney & company at 9:20 today. >> all about s&p and the threat that president obama faces of being the first sitting president to preside over a downgrade. >> if you live lifehouse $1,000, he'll stay and play on your show, too. >> it's a band. >> it's the whole band. >> oh, ligfehouse?
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>> oh, they're applauding. all right. i'll give them some money. >> all right. have a great weekend. >> varney & company with a band, perhaps. straight ahead, call the police. some kids are selling lemonade. being told to cough up the cash or shut it down. >> police officers can send a picture of your face from five feet away.
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>> great job. the chief executive of news corp
6:21 am
news international just resigned. brooks under pressure after the news of the world was implicated in a phone hacking scandal. the chairman of the newscorp, rupert murdoch and his son james plan to appear before british lawmakers on tuesday to answer questions about the scandal. newscorp is the parent company of fox news. former democratic candidate john edwards offered -- ordered to stand trial on corruption charges in october. a judge denying his lawyer's requests for more time. he's accused of illegally using more than a million dollars in campaign funds to cover up his affair with rielle hunter. steve? >> thank you, brian. we've all heard of racial profiling. get ready for what some are calling facial profiling. it's a new technology offered to police departments across the country, the gizmo right there, it's actually part of an iphone attaches to the back of an iphone and then lets officers capture a person's photo from five feet away and it searches that photo through a national criminal data base to see if there's a match.
6:22 am
some say that's an invasion of privacy. we have bill johnson, the executive director of the national association of police officers, an organization and sheriff paul babu from arizona, his officers will be equipped with the device in the fall. why do you think this is a good idea, this little gizmo called mo morris? >> well, we have a lot of people we come in contact with who lie about who they are for good reason, they're trying to conceal a criminal record or warrant for their arrest and every day, my deputies and police officers across america run into people who we need to know who they are and even the fingerprints, it takes us sometime to track and to match it up to a person hours, where this technology allows us both in facial recognition and the iris retinal scan that literally within four seconds we can match it against our data base of people who have been in our jails or we're tracking 700 sex
6:23 am
offenders in my county and we can find out with accuracy who people are. >> bill, it would seem like it would be another great tool in the tool belt of guys like the sheriff here to have this technology and he's going to use it. on -- they already use it on 1500 inmates this their county but why would it be, perhaps, facial profiling? >> well, i agree with you, it is a great tool and a tool that i think law enforcement would want to have in the toolbox. from our end of the deal, we want to make sure the public continues to support law enforcement as they traditionally have in america but part of that concern, then, is that these tools are not just automatically adopted in every circumstance. certainly, when someone is already in custody or incarcerated and there's any doubt about his identity, this is a valuable and worthwhile tool. when somebody gets a parking ticket, for example, you don't want to have the meter person
6:24 am
come up and say hey, i need to take your picture and scan your iris. >> sheriff, do you have enough rules on the books right now to make sure that you're able to use this without having some legal challenges from the aclu and what not? >> absolutely. and it's far less invasive in terms of even if we do a live scan which is a new technology where we just scan the fingerprints and palm prints on a screen, vs. the ink pad. an officer still has to touch people. this is literally snapping a picture, catching a picture of their eyes as well and we would only do that in the case where a person's identity is in question, when people have intentionally lied to us and officers, we catch people in those lies and in this case, in arizona, the illegal immigration issue, we have people from foreign countries, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them that deliberately have very good documents that are -- that are fake, fraudulent and we need to find out who they are. not only for the safety of my deputies, but for the protection
6:25 am
of our citizens all across america. >> all right. bill, i'll give you the final word. >> certainly, we agree with everything the sheriff has just said. a lot of times in law enforcement, it's not just what the police and sheriffs are doing but how they're doing it and i think just good leadership like the sheriff is showing will do a lot to allow the technology to be adopted but to be done in such a way that the public continues to support the police efforts to safeguard our society. >> it is amazing what you can do with these iphones and smartphones and what not and we're seeing that out in arizona. thank you very much for joining us for a fair and balanced debate. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> remember when the white house said there is no war on fox? looks like they fibbed. the white house's private e-mails have gone public and embarrassing for the white house. then kids given a choice dinner with jesus or dinner with j. low? who do you think most american children chose? we're going to tell you. first, happy birthday to linda
6:26 am
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>> take you back to 2009 in october when apparently kenneth fineberg was over tarp and a lot of the media wanted to have an interview with him to see what the update was. they do something called a pool camera where they basically give access to every single news outlet that wants to take it. there was some talk back then that fox was excluded from having an interview with kenneth fineberg. white house said we're not excludeing fox. all the networks said if you're not going to include fox, we're not going to take the interview either. >> robert gibbs is quoted as saying this started to the treasury department. when it got to the white house, it was fixed. here's the deal. judicial watch has -- with a freedom of information act request gotten the white house e-mail and it's embarrassing for the white house because it shows that they lied. for instance, on that day on october 22, 2009, a treasury
6:31 am
official e-mailed the white house saying do you think we should include fox in this? and got then a response back from a white house official who said "we prefer if you skip fox, please." so it didn't start at treasury. it started at the white house. >> sounds like it was taken out of context. john less than earnest said this at the time he was deputy press secretary said we've demonstrated our willingness and ability to exclude fox news from significant interviews. fantastic. >> the best -- well, here's another one. e-mail from jennifer, how do you say it? white house communications -- good, i'm glad we got to this one. i'm putting some dead fish in the fox cubby, just cuz. >> there she is invoking that godfather saying. tom fenton from judicial watch, he says this, the obama administration seems to have lied about its attempt to exclude fox newschannel from access to an interview with the pay-czar. these documents show there is a
6:32 am
pervasive anti-fox bias in the obama white house. the juvenile talk in these e-mails has no place in any white house for the obama administration to purposely exclude a major news organization from access to information has been troubling and has troubling first amendment implications. >> that question was put to and this incident was put to press secretary carney yesterday. he responded this way. >> i can also say that it is well known at the time there was a dispute between fox news and its coverage and the white house and its feelings about the coverage. i mean, that was -- that was then and, you know, we obviously deal with fox news regularly. they call on me regularly and we give interviews to fox news including the bill o'reilly so beyond that, i don't know much about it. >> well, there was a paper trail that just simply proved that what they said in 2009 simply not true. bernie goldberg was talking to o'reilly about this last night. >> the e-mails that were just
6:33 am
released tells us something important. tells us these politicians in the white house are willing to look you right in the eye and lie to you. no, they're not the first politicians who lie. but this was supposed to be different. barack obama told us when he was campaigning that this would not be politics as usual if he was elected. well, it is politics as usual or at least it was. >> those are the old days, though. it's a brand new day. >> robert gibbs is no longer at the white house. right. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. shuttle atlantis crew getting a wake-up call from none other than paul mccartney. >> good morning, guys! wake up! and good luck on this, your last mission. >> ♪ good day sunshine good day ♪ >> the beatles "good day sunshine" played as the shuttle at the space station orbited in the sunlight. it was a half-hour than planned because they were off in the night resetting a cranky
6:34 am
computer. >> they weren't up late to watch leno? >> no, it was hitting the snooze button. one memory going viral on line. they're showing off the pictures they have on the very first and very last shuttle launches. look at that. photo dates back to 1981 on the causeway at the kennedy space center at the first liftoff. fast forward 30 years, they went back for the final countdown to capture the same picture. the son is now holding a digital video camera and dad has a little more gray hair, perhaps, you can see through the hat. >> amazing. the man accused of murdering the 8-year-old is getting ready to use the insanity defense now? levi aaron undergoing a psychiatric exam and on his way to the court yesterday, this is what he heard. >> [yelling] >> aaron has apparently confessed to smothering and then dismemb
6:35 am
dismembering him and his home in brooklyn after meeting him on the street. new details emerging showed that he bravely tried to fight back scratching and clawing at aaron in his final moments. >> meanwhile, guests at one las vegas hotel didn't bet on this. letters are going out to thousands of people who recently stayed at the hotel and casinos saying they might have been exposed to legionaire's disease, bacteria found in the hotel's water. all patients have thankfully recovered and there's a legionairre's outbreak at the playboy mansion that made 200 of them, some of them scantily clad, sick. >> tired of long airport lines at checkpoints? the tsa will check security express lanes at four major airports. some frequent flyers boarding airlines in delta, in detroit can get prescreened to the express lane. they'll have to submit to government background checks and still have to go through metal detectors but most will be able
6:36 am
to keep their shoes on. >> all right. a georgia community upset with police. officers recently shut down a front yard lemonade stand because the three girls selling the lemonade didn't have any permits. it happened in midway, georgia, getting a permit would have required something like 16 forms, one state form and a county form. the mayor insisting that cops did the right thing. my son had a lemonade stand a couple of weekends ago, we got it passed without having any permits. >> scofflaw. >> i hear the sirens coming after my kid right now! >> what was the price point? what was the profit and price point? >> here's the difference between my son and daughter. my daughter wants to give the money to charity. my son just wants to pocket it. >> right. absolutely. did you start him off with capital? did he have any change? >> yes, he did. >> new hope that a deal to end the nfl lockout could be done as early as today. could you believe it? word is players and owners have agreed on a framework for a
6:37 am
rookie wage scale. one of the last stumbling blocks we understand as well as a signing bonus cap but other issues remain including off-season workout rules and tweaking free agency. both sides are under pressure to get something done because chris thinks the giants can win the super bowl this year. don't talk when i'm talking. please. this year, the most valuable sports team in the world is manchester united. english soccer team leads the way according it "forbes" with a value of $1.86 billion. just behind them is the dallas cowboys, ahead of the yankees at $1.81 billion. they're followed by the yankees and then, i was surprised by this. the washington redskins filling out the top five. a real game of political hardball in washington last night. house speaker john boehner and minority leader nancy pelosi watching as republicans and democrats face off in the 50th annual congressional baseball game. it was a charity game. a few players suggest there was
6:38 am
more on the line than just bragging rights. >> i think we ought to decide the debt ceiling debate here. loser gives in. >> is that a possibility? >> no, i don't think so. but it would be as productive as what they're doing over there in the white house, i think. >> there you go. the democrats won 8-2, by the way, their third one in a row. the g.o.p. have lost 33 of the last 50 games they've played over the years. that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. coming up on radio between 9:00 and noon today, among our guests, will be joining us and a few other surprises. >> fantastic. >> all right. a new study is revealing that tv shows push images of fame and popularity on our kids. i know you're not surprised. >> done that for a very long time. courtney friel is here to break down the new studies. people will be amazed by some of the findings. >> this is one of the stories where you think oh, my gosh, what is this world coming to? our future generations. anybody that watches television could probably see that values are shifting.
6:39 am
now there's more proof to back it up. researchers at ucla analyzed 40 years of popular tv shows for 9 to 11-year-olds between the years of 1967 and 2007. this included everything from "happy days". >> let me tell you something, as a friend, you're really a gem, mr. cunningham. >> i'm a sweetheart and a gem. >> all the kids are going to chip in and help you out. >> it's friday, we really wanted to show you a clip of "happy days." >> happy days, laverne & shirley, they looked at the values of the characters and putted them into 16 categories and had participants ages 18 to 59 rank their importance. so the older shows promoted themes of good will, self-acceptance, spiritualism and tradition. and guess what? pop quiz, which values do you think were emphasized most in 2007 last year of the study? >> we know it's in the teleprompter. >> fame jumped from the 15 td spot in 1997 to first place
6:40 am
followed by achievement, popularity, image and financial success. this new report backs up another survey from syracuse university which asked over 600 random middle school students how they think about fame. some of its findings, the majority would rather be famous than smart, be a celebrity assistant instead of the president of harvard and have dinner with jennifer lopez over jesus christ and albert einstein. at least, though, when they were asked why certain celebrities weren't as successful, the kids chose hard work over luck and talent. reality tv makes people like the kardashians and the jersey shore cast famous for just being famous and these findings, of course, are worrying the parents television council. >> the potential consequence of having a fame addicted culture is that people are not striving for real achievement. they're not looking to do well in life. they're not looking to do well
6:41 am
academically or in any particular pursuit. they want to be famous just to be famous. they believe it's going to make their lives better. >> what can be done about this? they suggest that parents should pay attention to what their kids are watching and also encourage them to read biographies that show overcoming hardships and struggles in life is ultimately more fulfilling than getting those 15 minutes of fame. >> we've come a long way from the waltons. now, rather than good night john boy, it's -- >> last year of that study was 2007. few more years have passed. >> scarier no doubt. >> lot more scandals. >> eye opener. all right, courtney friel, thank you very much. >> straight ahead on the show, the marine who asked mila on a date. will the actress honor her commitment? the marine's parents are here with us live. >> does have a busy shooting schedule. >> then take out your note pad, washington. three of the smartest and youngest entrepreneurs here on how to create a job. they join us. you'll hear from them next.
6:42 am
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>> well, this is a script straight out of hollywood. the marine sergeant scott moore looking for a date to the marine corps ball posted this video directed at actress mila kunis. >> hey, mila, this is sergeant moore. you can call me scott. i want to take a moment out of my day to invited you to the marine corps ball on november 18th in greenville, north carolina. with yours truly. >> despite rumors, mila, we can report this morning has accepted the invitation. no one was more surprised by the news than sergeant moore's parents and join us from pitszburg, pennsylvania. diane and russell moore. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> first off, congratulations and thank you so much for your son for serving our country. so many people were taken aback by this proposition to mila
6:46 am
kunis. is this the son that you know? >> never stops surprising us. >> so he always has had this sort of fun spirit, russell? >> yes, he has. and it's fun to see it come through. >> now, i know that one of the things that probably most people didn't think about was you haven't seen him in a while. so actually seeing this tape was like wow, there's our son. he's ok. right? >> it was fantastic! what a blessing to get to see him and get to see that he's doing well. >> well, i want to now get your son's response to the fact that mila actually said yes to coming to this marine corps ball with him because yesterday, we were reporting that maybe she wouldn't be able to do it because of a schedule conflict. here is scott's response. sergeant moore. "we all talk about what we're going to do when we get back and this was my dream. i do feel bad for putting her on the spot. but it's not like i was going to
6:47 am
bump into her on the streets between now and the ball" because, of course, he's in afghanistan. have you been able to speak to him to find out how excited he is about this? >> we have not. we have not talked to him since this all started. >> so now, will you be able to go? has he invited his parents to this ball? >> not yet. >> but will you be able to see him when he comes home? >> we'll see him in october when he gets home. >> all right. well, some parental advice is make sure that your camera works that night, ok? >> oh, we will! >> when you go down there and he has a dated with mila kunis, you never know what could happen but hats off to you and to your son. it was a very bold move and it appears to have paid off. congratulations to the two of you, diane and russell moore. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> take out your notepads, washington. three of the smartest and youngest entrepreneurs in america here next on how they would create jobs.
6:48 am
who thought it would come to this? no underwear for inmates? oh, my goodness. we'll explain. [ male announcer ] from nutritional science comes centrum. with vitamins and minerals balanced to support your energy... ♪ ...and healthy skin. everyday benefits from advanced formulas. discover the complete benefits of centrum.
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6:51 am
>> this week, more than 100 young entrepreneurs are on capitol hill to talk about the jobs crisis in our nation and offer ideas on how to fix it. three of those successful small business owners join us right now. greg salkos, founder and ceo of karmaloop and the founder and ceo of astor and black clothiers
6:52 am
and liz gutman is co-founder of little bit sweets. first thing is first. tell me a little bit about each of your programs. first, greg, your company. >> i started my company about 10 years ago and we're an on-line retailer but we're much more than a retailer, in fact, we have a lot of media as part of the site. and we sell now about 400 brands. we're the largest retailer of streetwear in the world. >> david? >> we have an army of young men and women around the country who go into clients' homes and offices, we fit them. we do suits, sports coats, completely custom, a lot of tremendous value and we make sure guys like you are looking good. >> it's going to be a tough road to hoe when you talk about me. let's leave me out of this. liz, what have you done? you've gone from actress to entrepreneur. what do you do? >> we're a small candy company based out of brooklyn, new york.
6:53 am
we make handmade candy bars, caramels, fruit jellies, lollipops, all kinds of good stuff with the focus of locally first ingredients and we are -- all of our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. >> let's get into some of the hurdles. what are some of the hurdles if people want to fix this economy they should keep in mind for entrepreneurs like yourself. what did you run into? >> well, i think one of the things that we heard a lot about in d.c. was that access to capital is a real challenge. i think they had someone from the small business administration there at the white house when we were there and i think she heard sort of the young entrepreneurs loud and clear that, you know accident a lot of times when someone has a great idea and you're an entrepreneur, you go to the sba and you go to a bank and they say you don't have a business, we can't loan you money. we're in a position now at karmaloop where we have, you know, a $10 million line of credit, you know, we're doing
6:54 am
well but we got it -- >> let's go on to david real quick. you said you couldn't even manufacture your product in america. >> it's pretty burdensome and obviously not cost efficient to manufacture here in this country at this point in time. one of the key things we heard about was layers and layers of bureaucracy making it difficult to do business here in america. and now that we're in a global marketplace, we have to have every leg up possible. our government has to give us every leg up possible to compete in the world marketplace. >> you had to go overseas to do it. your complaint was the permits, hard to get approval. >> it's -- i mean, it's a labyrinth the bureaucracy you have to go through. there was a restaurateur saying this as well. it's completely insane and takes forever to get anything approved and impossible to figure out, you know, whether you're filing
6:55 am
sales tax properly and whether you can hire someone. there needs to be more communication between the government on a federal, on a state and municipal level and get the information out there. >> exactly. you cleared all those hurdles but you want to save it for the next generation or others that want to be entrepreneurs. here's what alan greenspan said. i want you guys to comment. baby boomers are being replaced by groups of young workers who have regrettably scored rather poorly in international education matchups. most high income people in our country do not realize their incomes are being subsidized by the protection from competition from highly skilled people who are prevented from immigrating to the united states. greg, that's an insult, isn't it? >> i mean, i don't completely agree with that because we have an incredible staff, young people that are extremely, extremely talented. what he's trying to refer to is getting immigration having, you know, special permits or special passes for people who are highly skilled. and the fact is they're just, you know, not in my industry
6:56 am
necessarily but from what i heard yesterday, there are, you know, in science and math, there are a lot of positions where we want to bring in the best and the brightest from all over the world and instead, you know, we have illegal -- a lot of illegal immigration. and not able to get the -- some of the -- >> right. give special permits to the next einstein to get over here quick because they clearly have special skills that helps our country. greg, david and liz, great job. thanks so much. congratulations on your success. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, democrats calling for more gun laws but should they take control of your guns? when the atf can't keep up with its own operations? then, a new poll has a generic republican candidate with a growing lead over president obama in the 2012 race. signs of trouble for his re-election effort? ♪ [ male announcer ] achievement: has big plans.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> tgif, it's friday, july 15th. thank you so much for sharing your friday with us. i'm gretchen carlson. passengers saw it but apparently the pilot didn't. two jets crashing into each other. another accident at a major american airport. we'll tell you all about it. >> all right. as the debt deal falls apart, another credit agency is putting washington on notice but the news gets worse. our last ditch option, a deal that nobody really likes. >> and who thought it would come to this? no underwear for inmates. why? oh, we'll explain. that's what we do on the friday addition of "fox & friends" which starts right now. >> ♪ whatever it takes to turn this around i know what to say
7:01 am
i know that i've let you down ♪ ♪ and give me a chance >> that's our astroturf crowd. >> it's friday. that means the all american concert series is here. lifehouse will be performing right on that open stage right there for you live and famous dave's cooking up barbecue. there it is. is that beef right there or pork? that looks like -- that's beef there. >> we got shrimp and some kabobs. >> of course, the moo doesn't help to sell the shrimp but good for the kabobs. you know what? they've sold 15 million albums. >> they have got more top 10 hits, i think, the last 10 years than any other group so we are excited that they would join us today. so if you're in the neighborhood, 48th and sixth avenue, stop on by. we'll feed you breakfast if you're in the mood for beef. >> president obama will have another news conference today. he's made himself front and center in the last couple of
7:02 am
weeks with regard to the debt ceiling talks. 11:00 a.m., you can catch it here on fox. is there more attention now to that plan b plan, the mitch mcconnell plan, the republican senator who unveiled this plan a couple of days ago, much to the chagrin of some republicans who said you're undercutting john boehner's discussions with the president but here are the details of the plan. >> here's some of them. spending cuts are going to be linked. so they got to have over $2 trillion cut and give the president exactly what he wants. more room to spend but the president has to agree to cut and he's got to cut programs on his own discretion. when he makes those cuts, then he's going to have send them down to the house and to the senate to get them approved at which time he can always veto his own cuts. or the house could say what are you talking about? we're not cutting defense by 40% if the president proposes that. this could be a carnival that's postponed but because of that, gretchen, because this is out there, why should you even pay attention to the front line talks? >> yeah. >> now, there might be a plan c, too? it's hard to keep them all
7:03 am
straight. >> meanwhile, john boehner sat down with greta van susteren and he was talking a little bit -- remember a week ago now, we were telling you how the president was apparently considering cuts to entitlements. that's a gigantic headline. the next day after hearing from his left flank, the president changed his tune. mr. boehner equates that to jell-o. listen to this. >> by don't even have a number. as i said yesterday, it's like -- it's like dealing with jell-o. it just keeps wobbling everywhere. senator mcconnell described this as a last ditch effort. no one wants to -- the federal government to walk away from its obligations. no one wants the federal government to default. and mitch mcconnell said his proposal was a last ditch effort if we couldn't come to an agreement. it's not my preferred option. >> so far, this is trouble for republicans. nancy pelosi said bravo. harry reid says you have a
7:04 am
promise and that right there makes people say to themselves like tim scott, this is not a plan. like colonel alan west, this dog doesn't hunt. tom rooney in florida, no way. >> and the problem is in the house the republicans don't have enough votes to pass anything. >> karl rove was on the channel last night and he said the g.o.p. is ready to go on the offense, maybe another plan? >> i'm reading the tea leaves. i think they're trying to find a way to get on the offense. best way to get on the offense is say ok, great, today, carney goes out, president's spokesman, we have $1.5 to $1.7 trillion in cuts that we've all agreed to. all right? take a bunch of them. bundle them together. put a debt increase that's less than that and send it to the senate. >> let's assume that -- >> call their bluff. >> so there will be something else? who knows? there's the added pressure of this. we told you about how moody's was threatening -- we're now under review with moody's. now the s&p, standard & poor's says there's a 50% chance of a
7:05 am
downgrade. 50% chance it could happen this month. it could happen next month. they say even if we come to a debt deal, they could downgrade it and that would be really bad for the united states. here's the thing, s&p says this. they say the united states government has got to trim $4 trillion. right now, what we're hearing is less than $2 trillion. they say $4 trillion or we get a downgrade, what do you think will happen? >> press conference today at 11:00 and no meeting scheduled. you know what my prediction for today's theme? my prediction for today's theme will be the president will have empathy for republicans who want to get a deal done and try to categorize a division between the two. the freshmen republicans who are being unreasonable to the republicans like john boehner. that's my hunch of the theme. we'll see what happens. >> all right. let's do some headlines for your friday because there was a terrifying situation at boston's logan airport where two planes collided on the runway. both planes operated by delta were preparing for takeoff when the wing of one jet clipped the
7:06 am
tail of the other. passengers described chaos on board. the girl next to me was right on the wing crying and the other guy was trying to jump out of the emergency exit a little bit. >> worst experience of my life. i'll never fly delta again. >> one passenger reportedly suffered neck injuries and a similar collision was caught on camera at new york's j.f.k. airport back in airplane. that time, an airfrance jet crashed into a smaller regional jet sending that plane right there into a tailspin. looks like we got him just in time. new information this morning that usama bin laden was planning to attack the united states on the 10th anniversary of september 11th. navy seals took documents from his compound that revealed he was trying to assemble a team of militants to carry out that mission but the plans were only in the discussion phase and bin laden reportedly disagreed with the operation chief over who should be on the attack team. casey anthony's lawyers seen here leaving jail last night say
7:07 am
"she's too emotionally and mentally exhausted from her murder trial to testify in a defamation case against her." so she's expected to plead the fifth. here's the case. it's going to head to court this morning. the real zanada gonzalez suing anthony saying her reputation was ruined when anthony claimed a babysitter with the same name kidnapped her daughter caylee. that was, of course, a big fat lie. talk about being debriefed. a sheriff in florida stripping inmates of free underwear in an effort to save the state some cash. >> for those who want underwear, they can buy underwear. for those who don't, they can let the breeze blow up one leg and down the other. >> all right! a sheriff judge says eliminating free underwear for inmates will save $45,000 a year. new policy goes into effect next month. in case you were wondering, the policy will not affect female prisoners. and those are your headlines. lot of commando at that -- >> thanks for keeping it brief.
7:08 am
au >> it was tough but i made it. >> we haven't talked about fast and furious in a while and the plot continues to thicken. some democrats are pushing ahead legislation to start reigning in -- today, in fact, to start reigning in guns and these gun operations that can proliferate throughout the u.s. and go across borders. and those three democrats that are going forward with this are -- ok. malony, cummings and mccarthy. >> what the new legislation they're proposing is supposed to do is designed to keep high powered firearms out of the hands of dangerous criminals and out of the hands of people who run drug cartels and, of course, that's what happened with fast and furious. it's interesting, though, there are already laws on the books to
7:09 am
do just that but with fast and the furious, as we know, the federal government simply did what they wanted to do. >> a lot of those guns, then ended up in the hands of drug lords down in mexico and then one of those guns actually killed a u.s. border agent by the name of mr. terry. that's how this whole thing sort of came to light. now, lawmakers are also probing whether a similar program in florida led to guns being trafficked to central america. i believe in honduras. is this whole situation getting to be a bigger problem for the justice department to have to answer to what they knew when and why they haven't signed off on this fast and furious program to begin with. the whole mission of this program, i think, was to actually be able to cut down on the violence coming in from other countries and it totally spiralled out of control. >> some of these guns might have been tracked back to the tampa, florida, division and now getting involved in helping out darrell issa, it seems to be mike mccall of texas and candice miller of michigan and gusto
7:10 am
rackas is saying can we start looking into this? how big a program was this and who actually knew what? >> fallout from the fast and the furious. and the fallout now, as it turns out, is fast and furious. we know there are millions of americans who are looking for a job. you might only get one chance to sit down with the recruiter so you got to make a good impression and robert half put together a list of some things that people actually have done and they suggest you not do it under any circumstance because these are things where the person will look at you and think you really think you're going to get a job from us? i don't think so. especially if you go to a job interview with your pet cockatoo on your shoulder. >> that's so outrageous. this one isn't so bad. sending your sister in your place. what if she's an identical twin? >> if somebody asks you questions, not only how you answer. try not to sing in response. that's actually happened. >> if you talk to one of the
7:11 am
hiring managers, make sure you don't say all managers are jerks because manager don't like to be called jerks. >> showing up to an interview in a costume. that might raise some suspicion. i love this one, though. bringing your mother along with you to your interview. that's a fantastic one. hey, let's let mom answer all the questions. she's usually in charge anyway, right? >> sure. and then you've got -- you could do what george costanza did on "seinfeld" when he was trying to get a job. remember at the joint? >> so basically, george, the job here is quite simple. selling bras. >> that interests me very much. very much indeed, sir. >> and from the first time i laid eyes on the brazeer, i was enthralled. i didn't know on what level. i knew i wanted to be around brazeers. >> well, i think i can say, barring some unforeseen incident that you will have a very bright
7:12 am
future here. >> thank you. thank you very much indeed, sir. >> what do you think you're doing? >> nothing. why? >> get out here! >> yes? who is this perverted little weasel? >> this is costanza, our new bra salesman, he's supposed to start on monday. >> if he's here on monday, you're not. take your pick. >> get out! >> who's this weasel? >> ultimately, they say you want to be remembered but for the good reason, not the bad reason. >> i like when george showed up at work without being hired. >> after he was fired. >> nobody remembered hiring him. i'm starting to wonder if all those stories are true or not. we'll move ahead. the government wants its secrets back. it's sent classified papers to the aclu. that story ahead. >> remember when the white house said there's no war on fox? it looks like they fibbed. their private e-mails are now public.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> welcome back, everyone. do you remember when the white house said there's no war on fox? it looks like they may have fibbed or they did. their private e-mails have gone public. a conservative watchdog group uncovering these e-mails from 2009. a deputy white house press secretary writes this, we've demonstrated our ability to exclude fox news from significant interviews and another e-mail reads, i'm putting some dead fish in the fox cubby just cause. here to react, bernard whitman is a former pollster to president clinton, former new jersey governor christie todd whitman who is now an advisor to
7:17 am
no labels and former presidential campaign and author of "18 acres. "good to see this wonderful panel we've put together for a friday. how do you defend this? >> first, why are we still talking about this? this is a 2-year-old story and the issue is quickly resolved and i think i've demonstrated my attitude on this after being on fox for more than 100 times in the last three years. i strongly disagree with some in the democratic party when they say we should boycott fox. i'm a big believer in engaging with every vote on whatever network whenever possible. that's what democracy is all about. having that, we're fighting three wars on multiple fronts, we have unemployment at 9%. i'm not sure a tiff really is deserving. >> is it deserving because it actually shows that this administration lied? >> i'm not sure i'd raise it to that level. it's the best publicity fox could possibly have and it was pretty silly to put that kind of
7:18 am
thing into an e-mail given what we know about how open these things are and what it does and, again, it makes for nice coverage now and yeah, obviously, somebody didn't tell the truth when they said they were -- that they didn't boycott everybody and it's not the kind of thing that you want to see an administration do, either boycott a media or not tell the truth. i'm not sure it's a big lie. >> the government doesn't react quickly to anything, nicole. is it because we're dealing with -- it's emblematic of the bureaucracy? >> yeah, here's why i think it's a little bigger deal. i think the incredible hypocrisy that it shows from a president who promised an end to childish things to have some of his most senior press advisor and this didn't stop at the deputy press secretary level, had a direct line to michelle and president obama announced a war on fox
7:19 am
news. now, we at the bush white house certainly had tussles with individual reporters and with individual stories and we got upset. but never, ever, ever as white house communications director would i have been given a green light to declare war on an entire news organization. it is unprofessional. it shows a lack of focus at a time when we should be worried about three wars, about an economy that's, you know, in very fragile condition and about, you know, crisis after crisis this white house seems to find itself in. >> luckily for jay carney yesterday, the president's spokesperson, he wasn't around when this all happened. he could get off the hook and say i wasn't here. we don't know. stick around -- sometimes that works, right? stick around, a new poll showing the president falling farther behind in the 2012 race. here's who he's against in this poll, a generic republican candidate. is he in trouble even without an official opponent? what does that say? from sony to the news of the world. now we're getting word of hacking at the pentagon. what's going on? the man who ran one of the
7:20 am
biggest p.r. companies in the country coming up. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite. so we're celebrating the honey sweetness, crunchy oats and... hey! don't forget me!! honey nut cheerios. make it your favorite too! not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii.
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7:23 am
>> all right, folks. still more than a year away but a new poll showing signs of trouble for the president's re-election campaign. in a head-to-head matchup, it shows president obama trailing a generic g.o.p. candidate by 8%. i'm back with our panel, bernard whitman, christine todd whitman and nicole wallace. let me start with you on this. because the polls are really interesting. when you look at the generic candidate handily beating the president but then when you look at actual names of g.o.p. candidates, he is still in the lead. what does that say to you? >> it means that the public is saying we're not happy with what's going on. we're not comfortable with this administration, the way we thought we were going to be or wanted to be. and we want to see a change but right now, we don't see the
7:24 am
person on the republican side that tells us this is who we want to get behind. this is the person who can do the job. i mean, it's very troubling for the president to have his unfavorables as high as they are. that's not a good place for an incumbent to be particularly at this point in the election cycle. but the republicans have to be very careful and mitch mcconnell said it the other day. if they don't deal responsibly with the deficit issue, the president can turn it around on its head and make a big, big difference for him. but right now, he's not where he wants to be, that's for sure. >> could you look at these polls in a different way and say because we're still so far out from the election that people have not -- they haven't decided which republican they want to support. so that's why when you actually put names up against the president, you get such a different result. >> yeah, that could be part of it that we're still unsettled on who it's going to be that we think will be the strongest, you know, give the toughest race to president obama but i really believe there's this great
7:25 am
discontent with everything that's happening in washington and i'm dismayed in watching this debt negotiation deteriorate from such a high point to such a low point where we're talking about ramming peas down each other's throats from six days ago, they were talking about an historic generational deal. i think that there are very few arbitors of truth in washington and that the anonymous alternative is more attractive than another politician. >> what does that poll say to you, bernard, about the generic candidate handily beats president obama? >> well, i got to tell you, it says that the real horse race right now is between mitt romney and the other republican candidates to see who can run down to the courthouse faster and legally change their names to generic republican because that's the only way, according to the polls, that anyone has a chance of beating obama. >> come on. >> let me explain. obama beats every named republican candidate and it underscores the poor job, i think, the republican party has done in recruiting candidates at a time when the president clearly is vulnerable because of
7:26 am
the poor economic recovery. but -- >> look at how many choices there are. americans haven't decided in this whole slate who they're going to pick so you get a -- you know, you get a diluted -- >> in terms of its predictability, let's remember. at this similar point in time, mondale was beating reagan by nine points. dole was beating clinton by five points. so the predicted value of a generic question at this point in time is virtually nill. >> all right. i hope y'all have a great weekend and thank you for a very interesting debate here. toss it over to brian now. >> let me tell you what's coming up next as we have 90 minutes left to go. republicans want to require a balanced budget by law. why are so many democrats rallying against it? we're going to talk to chris van holland, democratic congressman. amongst the leadership. he'll be here live. schools saying let them worry about the sensitive subjects. there's a law that lets teachers tell your kids about gay history. then -- we gave the "fox & friends" all american summer
7:27 am
concert series lifehouse performing here live in a matter of moments. [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 milli pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions?
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7:30 am
>> shot of the morning committee has released their shot of the morning because they are the committee. jonah hill is known for being on the husky side and kind of
7:31 am
funny. well, check him out now. the "super bad" actor now super skinny. the 27-year-old showing off his slim physique at the espy awards. he's not sure how much weight he lost. a nutritionist helped him along with exercise. he shed the weight for his new movie "21 jumpstreet." i wonder what role he'll play in that. >> 40 to 50 pounds. i think he lost more than that. looking good, jonah. >> do a couple of headlines for you now. minnesota's two-week long government shutdown finally ending possibly with a major concession from the democratic governor mark dayton. republicans convincing him to give up on his plan to raise taxes. the state government is expected to be running again within a few days. >> meanwhile, the man accused of murdering the 8-year-old getting ready to use, perhaps, the insanity defense. levi aaron now undergoing a psychiatric exam and on his way
7:32 am
to court yesterday, this is what he heard. >> aron confessed to police he had smothered and dismembered the boy's body in his home in brooklyn after meeting him on the street. he simply asked the guy for directions. new details emerging show how he bravely tried to fight back scratching and clawing at aron in his final moments alive. >> the u.s. government and the american civil liberties union locked in a legal battle over top secret document concerning the military prison in afghanistan. it's a jail for terror suspects and the document reveals how the u.s. military categorized prisoners based on how dangerous they're believed to be. now, the government accidental gave the documents to the aclu and they want them back but the aclu wants to make them public. >> california governor jerry brown signing a controversial new law requiring public schools now to teach gay history.
7:33 am
state republicans and several family groups have opposed the measure saying it would expose kids to material that their parents don't want them to hear just yet. california is the only state in the country to enact this kind of law. >> all right, meanwhile, let's take a look at the day ahead on this friday. where is it raining? glad you asked, along the gulf coast. we had some rather strong thunderstorms moving through portions of georgia and alabama and mississippi and right now, for the most part, they are hugging the coast. meanwhile, temperatures, as you head out on this friday, some 50's right now. very pleasant sleeping weather in portions of new england and 60's right down through the mid atlantic. that's a welcome relief much 70's and 80's across the plain states. it will warm up, as you can see right here, 104 in dallas and 100 in san antonio. we wanted to put it in perspective. here's the day ahead in afghanistan. it's going to be 111 and remember, our men and women wear full uniforms and we don't see
7:34 am
the purple. take a look at this. 121, keep that in mind. that's your fox travelcast. time for some sports. >> remind me not to go to basrah during the summer. new hope that a deal to end the nfl lockout could be done today. finally! players and owners have reportedly agreed to a framework for a rookie wage scale and that they say is one of the last stumbling blocks but there are other issues including off-season workout rules and tweaking free agency. both sides feeling the pressure to get a deal done. they start losing tens of millions of dollars all around. training camps open in a couple of weeks. the future of roger clemens' perjury case is up in the air after yesterday's stunning mistrial. judge reggie walton says he'll hold a hearing september 2nd to figure out if there can be a second trial. many legal experts say that would be double jeopardy. clemens accused of lying to congress about using performance enhancing drugs. >> meanwhile, more fallout from
7:35 am
britain's news of the world newspaper hacking scandal. rebecca brooks has now resigned as chief executive of our parent company's british newspaper unit, news corp., just one of the recent hacking scandals. this morning, we're finding out that the pentagon suffered one of its largest hacking events ever. a cyber theft of more than 24,000 files. the pentagon says they were stolen by a foreign government. joining us right now is a man who knows about it, bob dylan snyder, the head of the new york based group and used to run one of the biggest p.r. firms in the country. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> fine, thank you very much. what do you make of this particular hacking scandal of the news of the world? >> the news of the world is a hacking scandal. it can't be denied. the issue is why are so many piling on at this point? we know it's a hacking scandal. shouldn't we get beyond it and deal with the issue of hacking.
7:36 am
citicorp has been hacked into it. insurance companies have been hacked into. we have a serious hacking problem in this country and this morning, the government has been hacked into, 24,000 files. we have to find out a way to deal with this hacking problem. >> and the company has come forward and they've said look, this happened a long time ago. at a tabloid in london, somebody did something really bad and the company reacted. they closed that newspaper. all those people got fired. even though 99% of them absolutely had nothing to do with it. >> and if i'm not mistaken, murdoch who owns it has apologized but for some reason, the public, media keeps going over this again and again. >> piling on. >> it's a little bit too much but the bigger issue is really hacking and how are we as a public going to protect ourselves and protect our privacy and deal with it? and i would also say, by the way, citigroup, great bank, bank of america, great bank. are they getting the same kind
7:37 am
of attention for hacking that took place less than a year ago that news corp. is getting today? >> yeah, along those lines, you the news about the thing at the pentagon. i mean, it sounds like the country of china who we all know we owe a whole bunch of debt to, sounds like they got into our supercomputers and sucked out 24,000 different files. where's that as a big story? >> it's really very, very scary and i think we should be very concerned as a public about our privacy and about people getting access to what we have and we have to find ways to defend ourselves. >> sure and one of the other things about the media piling on, you know, you look at some sites, you would think that martians had landed in new jersey again. we got some serious problems in this country right now. we are teetering on default. what do they do? they talk about this? >> we have major problems in the country. john boehner is dealing with tough problems. the president is dealing with tough problems. we have problems in the states. and we're dealing with this issue over in london that took
7:38 am
place more than a decade ago. i don't quite understand it. >> and mr. murdoch himself has said he's going to cooperate and news this morning that rebecca brooks who headed up that unit is calling it quits. >> all the right things have been done from a crisis point of view in terms of this news of the world issue. it really should get put behind us, investigators, the courts should deal with this and we should move on and deal with the important topics of the day. >> i think you're right. all right. pleasure to see you right here on the big desk. >> always good. thank you. >> thank you, sir. straight ahead, casey anthony is set to be released from prison in two days and guess what? she's walking out with cash. courtesy of some secret admirers. you got to be kidding me. and he received the medal of honor this week after losing part of his arm to save his fellow soldiers' lives. sergeant first class leroy petry is here live to explain how he's fighting for freedom.
7:39 am
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>> all right. now some quick headlines for you on this friday. intense clashes between students and police in chile. police had to use water cannons and tear gas to control the crowd after students started throwing stones, sticks and eggs. 30 people, officers were hurt and dozens of students were arrested. the students are demanding cheaper tuition. sound familiar? and a close call for a window washer. he was left dangling from 60 feet up. look at that after the support ropes simply failed. able to climb down the ladder by himself and then rescue crews
7:43 am
got to him. thank goodness he is alive. >> we have a bit of breaking news right now because the house g.o.p. leadership apparently now going to have a 9:00 a.m. press conference of their own. of course, this apparently will offset the president who had already announced that he was set to give a news conference this morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern time updating the battle with congress over the debt deal but can they find a compromise? or will this just be a war of press conference? >> right, speaker john boehner says there may be too many people involved. >> too big. too many people in there trying to negotiate what is a very difficult will be a very difficult agreement and there's too many people in there pouring cold water on virtually every idea that gets thrown on the table. >> joining us right now from washington is democratic congressman chris van holland, ranking member of the house budget committee and first off, your reaction, congressman of the g.o.p. calling up their own
7:44 am
press conference two hours before the president? >> it all depends on what they say. hopefully they'll say that they're interested in coming up with the deal, a compromise, recognizing that that requires tough decisions on all sides. it's interesting that speaker boehner says he wants fewer people in the room. that's exactly what he had when he was conducting negotiations with president obama and it looked like they were actually getting to some hard decisions on a grand bargain and then he was undercut by his own caucus. so i'm not sure the number of people in the room is going to be determinative here but anyway, i hope today that we finally make some progress. it's obviously eluded us so far. >> should people continue to be holding press conferences? we've seen more of the president doing a press conference about an issue that he didn't want to touch as of two weeks ago. to me, it seems like a little bit to use the word that's been used on capitol hill, childish. for both groups to keep going out in front of the american public to state the case instead of just finding the deal.
7:45 am
>> well, i think it all depends on what people say in their press conferences. i do think it's important for the public to understand where people are because otherwise, you get people thinking that there are all these secret things going on and that has its own down side so i think it's fine so long as people are articulating their positions clearly without a lot of mud slippingi slinging but look, the bottom line is this -- the clock is ticking. those who think there wouldn't be negative consequences to this, geithner was cooking the cooks, i hope they've put those behind them. we have standard & poor's, moody's, chamber of commerce, everybody saying this would be very bad for the economy and very bad for the united states. >> touching on what you just referred to, congressman, standard & poor's says that there's a 50% chance the country could have a credit rating downgraded which would be
7:46 am
terrible. but they say we need to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years. right now, you guys are talking about numbers south of $2 trillion so if you come up with a deal less than $4 trillion, s&p may still pull the trigger. >> well, look, you're exactly right which is why president obama and again, speaker boehner have both said they were shooting for a deal in the $4 trillion range and what the president has said if you look at proposals by every bipartisan group out there whether it was simpson, it requires a shared responsibility and the president was prepared to go more than half way on some of these issues but as you very well know, you had a hard line position from republicans saying that they refuse to reduce and close corporate tax loopholes even if it's for the purpose of reducing the deficit. and they refuse to consider asking folks at the very top of the income ladder to go back
7:47 am
beginning in january of 2013 to the tax rates that were in place during the clinton administration which, by the way, was a time when the economy was roaring, 20 million jobs created. >> the house doesn't go republican if they don't get an agreement that taxes were too high. that's the debate that's ongoing and everybody knew where the republicans, especially ones in the house stood. they also got mitch mcconnell's plan. where do you stand on this, chris van holland? do you think it's workable and that's what we'll end up with? >> i don't know. look, i think we would all prefer it. i certainly would prefer to see the grand bargain, something in the range of $4 trillion as we just discussed, there are obviously major obstacles in the way of that right now so look, we're taking a look at what mitch mcconnell calls plan b. i would hope that it would still be coupled with some kind of serious down payment on deficit reduction but again, let's let this play out. we've had some people operating under this delusion that not
7:48 am
acting is an option here. in other words, allowing the united states to default and i hope -- i hope that that idea is finally being put to bed. >> well, all we know today is we have two press conferences, the house g.o.p. leadership, 9:00 a.m. and the president 11:00 a.m. and no meeting on the books today or any time throughout the weekend unless that somehow comes up. congressman chris van holland, thanks for your time this morning. hopefully we'll have better news to report on monday. >> i hope so. good to be here. >> he was shot through both legs. that did not stop him from grabbing a live grenade to save his two comrades. the medal of honor recipient joins us live next. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
7:49 am
and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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>> the moment as president obama awards the nation's highest military honor to sergeant leroy petry, only the second time that a living, active duty service member from the wars in iraq and afghanistan has received the medal of honor. >> as he lay in a stretcher being loaded on to a helicopter, one of his teammates came up to shake the hand that leroy had left. that was the first time i shook the hand of someone who i considered to be a true american hero, that ranger said. leroy petry showed that true heroes still exist and that they're closer than you think. >> that hero, sergeant petry is here with his wife, ashley, daughter, reagan and sons austin and landon. welcome to the entire family. what a crazy week it's been. how did you find out, sergeant, that you won? >> it's not really won but --
7:53 am
>> get this award. >> we found out that i was going to receive the award, the president called me and i was at home with my wife and it was a great conversation. >> what was your reaction? >> it was exciting. surreal. just -- i don't know what the words are for it. it was unbelievable. >> i'm sure you didn't need to get that call to know you married a hero. but that's exactly as he chronicled what happened that day. you've been through afghanistan six times and iraq twice. >> yes, sir. >> tell us about that day, that moment. >> well, when we went to the compound and we were clearing one of my guys got shot right -- almost simultaneously of myself getting shot through both thighs, we moved behind that little chicken coop type of building. we were seeking cover and still engaging the enemy, calling up,
7:54 am
giving situational awareness to the rest of my guys and checking on my younger guys and the grenade came in and right in the middle of us, i had no -- i had to react and i thought about my guys and just like my family here, and i reached over and grabbed the grenade and threw it and it took my hand. but the good part is the guys are still alive here today. >> right. and who is on your arm? >> on my arm, i have -- >> shot of this. >> i have the fallen rangers from second ranger battalion, all from the global war on terrorism and then since i had the real estate and i never want to forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in my lineage, i got the ones from operation urgent fury and operation just cause. >> wow. >> as well. >> tremendous. and, of course, special day at the white house. i guess as a 17-year-old, austin, it must have been really tough as you watched your dad go
7:55 am
back and forth six times in afghanistan and twice in iraq. what's your reaction as your dad chronicles what happened that day? >> you know, it was very scary. you know, we care about him so much and, you know, it was really hard and we weren't comfortable until we were able to go down in san antonio and see him go through therapy and everything like that. >> reagan, same thing for you? >> yes. >> all right. what about for you? austin, you're the youngest of the group at 7 years old. excuse me, austin -- landon, at 7 years old. what was it like being at the white house? >> it was pretty fun being with my dad and watching him get it because he saved the lives of a few of his friends that day. >> wow. and you really get that sense. what is next for you? >> i'm going to do a little bit with the -- just moving around,
7:56 am
different media and visiting wounded soldiers and different organizations and then my intent is to get back to work and continue helping with wounded soldiers and possibly another rotation if i could talk my boss into it. >> well, you've done enough. i hope you're not successful in doing that but i look forward to talking to you on the radio in a little while. sergeant first class leroy petry, just got awarded the medal of honor. it's an honor to be here with you and your entire family. >> thank you for having us here. >> [applause] >> 4 minutes before the top of the hourme. we move straight ahead. would you let casey anthony babysit your kids? that question creating a lot of controversy this morning. geraldo here at the top of the hour. what would he do to solve our debt crisis? herman cain has a plan and it's a whole lot different than president obama's. he'll be here live. ♪
7:57 am
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>> gretchen: last time to say, tgif. it's friday, july 15. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your friday with us. the passengers thought, butanely the pilots did not, how did two passenger jets collide on the runway again with hundreds of people on board? we'll tell what you we know. >> steve: the debt deal apparently falling apart again. our last ditch option nobody likes. now republicans planning to take their message to live television within the hour, brian. >> brian: forget charity. you can give your money to casey. who is filling her bank accounts with cash just days before she's about to be set free? geraldo rivera has an idea. he'll be here live. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪
8:01 am
♪ i'm living for the only thing i know ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: famous dave's put on more robes. >> gretchen: it's lifehouse.
8:02 am
rock out. he is this morning. lifehouse is here. you can grab some grub, come on down to 48th and check this out. >> steve: this is huge for us this have them here. i was just out there, i talked to the band and told them that as it's a tradition, we always do a yeager shot in the final hot. >> brian: that started when? >> steve: but also there is a couple out there, just got married a couple of days ago. they were on vacation 300 miles away. they heard lifehouse was going to be here and they came here to be in our audience. >> brian: they're still together. right? >> steve: they are. it's been almost a week. congratulations. >> brian: the first week is the hardest. >> steve: it always is. we are less than a month away from the debt ceiling deadline, but there is still no deal on the table. in one hour, house gop leaders will give a news conference about the state of negotiations followed by the president at 11:00 o'clock eastern time. >> brian: mike emmanuel is live at the white house. after five consecutive days of white house meetings, where do we stand, mike?
8:03 am
how have you held up? >> it's been a fascinating week, brian, steve, gretchen, good morning. five consecutive days worth of meetings and no grand bargain deal. so we're back to dueling press conferences. the house republicans will make their case first and then the president of the united states late this morning. interesting approach because the president -- this will be his third news conference in two weeks, something he can go months without doing. clearly trying to take his case directly to the american people, saying the time is now to find common ground to move forward and to solve this debt ceiling crisis. so the meetings, we understand last night's was more cordial but ended essentially with the president saying, go back to work. come up with a plan and i'll check back with you in 24 to 36 hours. and i may summon you back to the white house over the weekend. guys. >> gretchen: the interesting thing was a lot of people said they didn't really want to go to camp david. that was one of the rumors that was out there for the weekend negotiations. nancy pelosi said she was just too busy to be able to go.
8:04 am
so where do we stand? if you had a crystal ball, would you say that they'll have more meetings by the weekend? >> gretchen, i would say that is highly unlikely. i think what we're looking at is the possibility of something related to the senator mitch mcconnell plan that seemed to be a last minute alternative that would allow the president the money to raise the debt ceiling, allow republicans to essentially oppose it publicly, to go home to their base and say we opposed it. perhaps some cuts worked in there. so there is something called a mcconnell plus plan that is being talked about on capitol hill and it was really thought to be a desperation last moment effort. but we're getting to that point in these negotiation, guys. >> steve: all right. so a lot going on in washington. mike emmanuel, we thank you for joining us early on this friday morning. >> thank you. >> gretchen: let's do the rest of your headlines. terrifying situation at boston's logan airport when two planes collided. both operated by delta.
8:05 am
they were preparing for takeoff when one wing clipped the tail of another. passengers described the chaos. >> the girl next to us was right by the wing and crying and the other guy was trying to jump out the emergency exit. i will never fly delta again. >> gretchen: one passenger reportedly suffered neck injuries. a similar collision was caught at jfk airport back in april. look at that little plane there. the big jet crashed into the smaller regional carrier. the man accused of murdering eight-year-old boy getting ready to use the insanity defense. he's undergoing a psychic exam and on the way to court yesterday, this is what they heard. (yelling). >> gretchen: he expressed that he smothered and dismembered the little boy in his home in brooklyn after meeting him on the street. new details emerging show that
8:06 am
that little boy bravely tried to fight back, scratching and clawing at aaron in his final moments. looks like we got him just in time. new information this morning that osama bin laden was planning to attack the u.s. on the 10th anniversary of september 11. navy seals took documents from his compound that revealed he was trying to assemble a team of militants to carry out that mission, but the plans were only in the discussion phase. he reportedly disagreed with the operation's chief over who should actually be on the attack team. it was a warm welcome for soldiers returning home from war. more than 50 national guard troops returned to cedar rapid, iowa after spend ago year in afghanistan. 2800 men and women will return home to the area in the next few days. this was the largest deployment the state has seen since world war ii. now geraldo rivera who has lots to say about the casey anthony trial. >> i feel like i'm the beatles have been reunited, to be on
8:07 am
this couch with you three all together. >> brian: i know. >> a pleasure really. i missed you. >> brian: the orlando thing is done, the trial is done, but we're seeing now today a landmark event -- she's getting out. >> she'll be out on sunday and where she goes, i assume the defense team has an idea. they will be in charge of her. jose baez is clearly her most trusted confidante, and is chaney mason. she relies on them as well she should because the avalanche of negative feelings toward her continues. >> steve: although she's got some secret admirers who apparently are sending her cash because they heard she's flat broke. >> she works but it's church change. less than -- chump change. less than $500. i think it's totally being hyped that the media is use to go try to cast her in the worst light possible. she deserves it. clearly she behaved hideously
8:08 am
after the child died. >> gretchen: look at these live pictures 'cause i want you to comment on this civil trial that's going on today. apparently casey anthony, through her attorneys, is too exhausted to testify at this hearing. this is about the woman whose name she used to claim that she was the babysitter who took little two-year-old caylee, but the problem was, that baby-sitter never did. this woman actually has that name and she's filing a defamation suit against casey anthony. >> i think it's preposterous grand standing on the part of her lawyer. why does he have to do it now? it's a civil suit. the statute of limitations is two or three years. what he's trying to do clearly and the bar, the lawyers in orlando really have shown themselves to be carnival barkers, also jealous at baez that they weren't on the case of a century. he clearly could have waited 'til this deposition. she'll invoke some constitutional protection, i'm sure, on some aspects of it, on the theory that some where down
8:09 am
the line there may be a crime uncharged that you could still be tried on. this is why now? here she's just been in solitary confinement for three years. hate her though we may, loath her, she's been in solitary confinement for three years. what does he have to depose her on a defamation lawsuit before it has years to run before it can be prosecuted. this is pure grand standing. this is like the stories that she's pregnant or she's going to have more babies or going to become a blond. >> gretchen: she wrote that in her own jail house letters. so some of that is in her own words. jose baez told me it's all false in an exclusive interview wednesday. >> gretchen: would you have her baby-sit your little daughter? 'cause i want you to listen to this question to one of her attorneys. >> would you let casey baby-sit your kids? you say she's innocent. >> my kids are older. >> let's say they were younger, would you leave her with your
8:10 am
children? >> i liked casey anthony. i came to trust her and that's a really -- i felt -- the casey anthony i knew, i felt very comfortable with her. i felt that the person that i became close to during that trial, i felt comfortable with her. >> i think the jury verdict was based on the evidence. i clearly support the verdict as understandable, but i am not in the business of letting acquitted murderers baby-sit my children. that's just me. call me crazy. >> gretchen: so you wouldn't -- you would have hesitated like her own attorney did? >> i would hire the 12-year-old kid next door. >> brian: what are you going to do this weekend? >> obviously, i'll be all over this release. i hear all these networks vying for the big interview and there are all kind of stories that this one or that one has the leading edge. the problem is they're so gun
8:11 am
shy about paying her anything, clearly look at the bad press that generates, but they want the interview. it will be the biggest one since monica lewinsky in many ways. i'll chart what happens and where she goes. it will be, i guarantee you to some kind of situation where she can be monitored and get mental health counseling and therapy. clearly she needs it. >> steve: geraldo rivera, we'll be watching -- >> i missed you, steve, i missed you so much. >> steve: coming up straight ahead on this friday, what would he do to solve the debt crisis? republican candidate for president herman cain has an idea and it's nothing like the current president. >> gretchen: the white house said there is no war on fox. turns out they fibbed. we'll show you their private e-mails gone public. >> brian: stick around for lifehouse, they're performing live on the plaza. ♪ [ sniffs ] bacon?!
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>> gretchen: our next guest knows a little something about creating jobs and keeping a budget. the former ceo of godfather's pizza tackling the debt and his plan to close the budget gap, a lot different than president obama's. joining me now from nashville, tennessee is gop presidential candidate, herman cain. good to see you. >> hello, gretchen. thank you. >> gretchen: i don't want to use too many puns with your name, but apparently you're raising cain over this debt ceiling. how -- >> it's okay. >> gretchen: how would you do it differently than president obama? >> gretchen, first of all, this crisis did not need to happen. the treasury department and the
8:16 am
white house and the president, they should have seen this coming a year ago. even today, here is how i would approach it: we have enough money, even according to the treasure department's numbers, we have enough money to pay the interest on the debt. i would make sure that the military and their families get paid. i would make sure that the social security checks get cut. and i would also make sure that the medicare and medicaid bills get paid. once you do that, you see how much money you have left, like you would do in business, and everything else is on the table except maybe for defense. that's how you go about staying under this debt ceiling. we do not need to raise this debt ceiling and i don't buy the rhetoric that this is going to be a financial armageddon. >> gretchen: so much of this, mr. cain, has been about the public relations. yet again today we have dueling press conferences. 9:00 a.m. the house republicans, 11:00 a.m. the president again. yet not a meeting to actually talk about the meat of the deal. so i'm wondering if you were
8:17 am
president, would you, as a republican, suggest to other republicans that maybe they should compromise or would you stand firm? >> i would stand firm if it comes to raising taxes. the american people are sick of raising taxes every time washington creates a mess. we need some adult leadership, gretchen, and we don't have adult leadership on this. the president waited 'til the last minute and now he wants to force an increase in taxes and he wants to leave certain things there that the republicans are saying that they want to take out. if i were the republican party, i would hold fast, not give in on raising taxes because i believe that that would destroy the confidence that the republicans -- the little bit that they are building, as a result of what the american are saying. i would not give in on raising taxes. >> gretchen: what do you feel about these credit rating institutions now that are coming out with very bad news, moody's first, now the s & p. in fact, s & p is saying even if
8:18 am
we do come to a debt deal, we still might downgrade the united states. that doesn't scare you even a little bit? >> no. it doesn't scare me into doing the wrong thing. i think that what those credit agencies are saying and they're sending a real clear signal, you need to do something that makes sense. compromise doesn't always produce the right solutions. so i think that the credit agencies are sending a message to the white house, as well as to members of congress, get together and do what's good. make some severe cuts if you have to. the best news that could come out of this is that they do not raise the debt ceiling and they make some drastic cuts. that will provide some confidence not only to the credit rating agency, but that will provide some confidence to the rest of this country as well as to the financial markets. >> gretchen: i know you believe the tax code should be replaced with a fair tax. do you think that that sort of a major undertaking could actually happen within these talks with
8:19 am
time running out? >> not within these talks, no. trying to explain to the american people the advantages about the fair tax and what we do, which i'm prepared to do and i look forward to being able to do, you're not going to be able to do that in the middle of a crisis that didn't need to happen. we need more time to engage the american people in that solution and i believe that when the american people understand it, the fair tax, they will support it and then they will demand it. >> gretchen: all right. we know that you know how to run a business and create jobs. we found out earlier this week was that you also have a darn good voice. too bad you're not here in person today, mr. cain, because lifehouse is on our stage! they're going to be performing and i heard they need a bass. but you're not going to be here. or are you a baritone? >> i could do bass. >> gretchen: are you a baritone or bass? >> i'm a bass. >> gretchen: all right. fantastic. thanks for explaining how you would handle this debt ceiling crisis. good to see you. >> thank you very much. pleasure. >> gretchen: the white house also said there is no war on
8:20 am
fox, but private e-mails tell a different story. we'll show you those coming up. plus, we told you lifehouse is here. next, a live interview when we come back. how they helped a guy propose to his girlfriend. they'll have to perform without herman cain. ♪ work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit
8:21 am
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8:23 am
>> brian: summer concert series reached week eight. i don't know if you heard, but lifehouse is here, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: meet two key members, jason, lead vocals and guitar, and bryce. how hard was it, guys.
8:24 am
first, welcome. how hard was it to play this early? >> i don't know if we've actually gone to bed yet. the barbecue smells fabulous. >> brian: right. i don't know if you can see the size of this crowd, they've gone out into the street, through the hedges and around the block to hear what you've done. if you think about jason, how far you've come, at ten years old, you're traveling the world. you have no friends. >> i have no friends. no friends at all. >> brian: like i have plenty of friends now. you come back to the stage, you start writing poetry and how does it become music? >> it was one of those things where i just started playing these little coffee shops, a couple friends told me i had some good songs and i had never really wanted to do it as a career choice. i just kind of fell into it and i met these guys. i get to play with my best friends. i feel so fortunate to do it. it's amazing. >> brian: and bryce, you being so much younger, first off -- >> bryce is 18.
8:25 am
>> brian: yeah, he's 18. how did you audition to show jason that you could play? >> actually it was funny. i went to this music school in los angeles and one of the things we had to do was learn hanging by a moment in 2001. i got a b in the class actually. but i got into the band. it worked out for me. >> brian: it certainly did. there is something that happens at concerts, unscripted. what happens with you and an engagement and somebody asking to you help out? >> we were recently in europe and this couple, this older couple, they've been together for 15, 17 years, the lady came up to me and asked me to propose to her husband for her on stage, which i felt a little awkward about it at first. but then i thought, that's kind of a special moment. >> brian: it's living large on youtube. let's watch it together. june 13 in manchester. >> mark, michelle has a question to ask you and she wants me to
8:26 am
ask it. i feel a little weird proposing to a dude. mark, will you marry michelle? >> brian: that is so nice. it was kind of awkward, right? >> but we play weddings, too. feel free. >> brian: that's good because everybody here wants to marry you. most of the women up front. >> we will play for barbecue. that's for sure. >> brian: you guys came here a long way, been playing all morning. we got great songs coming your way as the concert series kicks off shortly. let's go back inside and you're going to play right through the break. guys? >> steve: looks great, brian. >> gretchen: still ahead, we're letting russia own the space race, bombing libya but not calling it war. and now somebody hacked into the pentagon? we'll explore that. >> steve: call the cops. these kids are selling -- that's right -- lemonade.
8:27 am
boot leg lemonade. kids being told by their city to cough up the cash or shut it down. >> gretchen: first, take it away lifehouse. they're warming up with "first time." ♪ ♪ ♪ ooo whatcha got there?
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> good news for president obama. in the last three months, his reelection campaign raised $86 million. the bad news, to get reelected, he's got to come up with $14 trillion more. >> steve: funny stuff. chris wallace joins us this friday as he does every friday. we know the president will have a news conference apparently at 11:00 o'clock here in 30 minutes, republicans will have a press conference and they've apparently met with their
8:32 am
conference already this morning, their caucus this morning. is the only thing the republicans are talking about, mitch mcconnell's so-called plan b, or are house republicans are you hearing, do they have their own plan c in the works? >> i would think some house republicans would be considering passing some kind of not necessarily to get us past the election, but a relatively short-term bill with serious spending cuts in it. i think there are going to be an awful lot of -- particularly tea partiers, freshmen, who will be frustrated at the idea that the end result of all of this is going to be that the president is going to be able to extend the debt limit without any spending cuts and that certainly is going to be a disappointment to the folks who were elected in 2010 to come in here and to really cut the budget. it may be the best political solution, but it's certainly in a policy sense, if you think the government is too big and you want to cut the deficit, the idea the president could get through this, raise the debt
8:33 am
limit to $14.7 trillion and not have to cut spending at all, i think there would be some frustration. having said that, i think that if i had to bet, i'd still bet the mcconnell deal is going to be what we're going to end up with because it doesn't seem that the two -- >> gretchen: would we have ended up had he in the presented the plan three days ago? 'cause that's the big question on the hill right now. did he undercut the dealings that boehner, the speaker of the house, had going with the president? >> no, i don't think so necessarily, gretchen, because i think that republicans began to realize they were in real danger here that the president, maybe not in a policy sense, but political sense, may have been winning this argument and that if republicans were seen as precipitating a crisis, that they were going to get at least equal if not more blame for the country going into default. i think that this was -- mitch mcconnell is a sharp operator
8:34 am
and i think he's particularly focused on two things: one, getting control of the senate and two, getting obama out of the white house and he sees this as the best way to accomplish both. >> brian: the gop blame by a count of 48-34%, the gop for the problems we're having raising the debt ceiling. do you think that resonates or is that just a poll that they can't be bothered with? >> well, i think there are a lot of polls that indicate that and that is kind of i must say, the emerging narrative in washington is that over the course of the last week or two, that the president has sort of come out as the grownup in the room. i'm talking about perception now, not reality. the president has come out as the grownup in the room and that the republicans are the ones who are precipitating this crisis and as people begin to understand what happens after august 2, if we don't start paying our bills or if we pay our credit but we don't have enough money to pay some of our other bills, i think they want to see a solution. they want to see -- even if it
8:35 am
means that we avoid this enormously ripe opportunity to do something about the deficit, they want to see us get past this deadline. >> steve: chris, we would like to you sit there for a moment and act as kind of a movie critic. okay? you've got this titanic battle up on capitol hill with the debt struggle which sounds a lot to some of us like what is going on at the world theaters today as harry potter, the final installment debuts. look at the parallels of the deathly debt ceiling. won't you, chris? >> i've been hearing from mirin friends for quite some time that it's moral imperative for to us
8:36 am
tackle our debt and deficit in a serious way. and so what i've said to them is, let's go. >> we are in a crisis! >> i'm voting no on the debt ceiling. >> failing to raise the debt ceiling would be armageddon. >> i will not sign a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day extension. >> this debt limit increase is his problem. >> failure is not an option. >> this could have been avoided. >> come on! >> you think you can hold the
8:37 am
government ransom. >> we will not support cuts. >> if not now, when? >> brian: oh, boy. >> gretchen: put on your movie critic hat. >> i have two reactions to it, which are one, if we had tried that at fox news sunday, we would have blown our entire annual budget putting that together. i was just thinking, you guys have a lot more money to fool around with than we do and secondly, i was so happy to see you didn't put eric cantor or barak obama as voldemort. i was worried one of them would end up being he whose name must not be spoken. so thank you for that. >> gretchen: it's not the budget, chris. it's actually really talented guys. i'm sure you have them. chris white, the producer put that together. mark alan did the editing. >> that was good.
8:38 am
>> steve: if you want to run it on your show this weekend, go ahead. >> i'm glad brian stayed out of the editing room so you got some stuff done. >> we'll have herman cain who was vying as part of our 2012 series. we're also going to talk, and we don't know who it will be, top officials at white house and congress about the latest on -- what did you call it? what was the title instead of harry potter? >> the deathly debt ceiling. >> chatting partisan -- choosing partisan. >> i don't know who the stars will be. >> steve: exactly right. you're the star of fox news sunday, chris wallace. we'll be watching this weekend. thank you. >> see you guys. >> steve: we got headlines for you. fox news alert, civil hearing against casey anthony wrapped up just a couple of minutes ago with a surprising development. casey stegall is live outside the courthouse in orlando. what happened? >> really a bizarre turn of
8:39 am
events. we expected this hearing to last about an hour or so. instead, it wrapped in about 18 minutes after the judge, jose rodriguez, assigned a new judge to the case. no real decision was made why the judge removed himself. we do not know at this point. this is all pertaining to the civil side of things because remember, zenaida gonzalez is suing casey anthony for defamation of character. we all grew to know her during the criminal trial. zanny the nanny, the one who casey anthony said kidnapped caylee, but it turns out gonzalez did not even know the anthony family and casey anthony just made that name up. the hearing today was to determine when casey anthony would be deposed by gonzalez' attorneys. she is scheduled for a deposition on tuesday, but, of course, we know that casey anthony is scheduled to be released from jail on sunday and there is great fear on the
8:40 am
gonzalez attorney side that casey anthony will flee and will not show up at this deposition. so they were hoping to have the judge make her get that deposition while she's still incarcerated. again, no decision made at this hearing today. to be continued out here. the drama continues in orlando, guys. >> steve: all right. casey stegall not in california, but in orlando. we thank you. >> gretchen: the pentagon hit by a major cyber attack. we just found out that last march, somebody hacked in and got away with thousands of america's secrets. >> this was significant in it was a defense contractor. it was data related to systems that are being developed for the department of defense. it was large. 24,000 files. it was done, we think, by a foreign intelligence service. >> gretchen: lynn says one day, bits and bytes will be as dangerous as bullets and bombs. the biggest threat will come from terrorists and rogue states with nothing to lose.
8:41 am
>> steve: that's disturbing. >> brian: that's a quick look at your headlines. it's been almost two years since we broke the story. the white house waging war on fox news. the president's people denied it, but today we can prove it. >> steve: first, clay and clayton with a -- dave and clayton with what happens on saturday. >> good morning, everyone. coming up this weekend, casey anthony set to be released from jail. we'll bring that to you live this weekend on "fox & friends." and she's already got some secret admirers mailing her cash money. >> are you one? >> no way in the world. but some people are. we'll tell you about that. plus, why her legal troubles may just be starting. >> and if you need a job, we'll have the author of the you plan with five things you need to do right now to get the jump on a new career. plus deal or no deal, will we have a debt ceiling deal by this weekend? we will let you know. 6:00 a.m. eastern time on "fox & friends." we'll see you then. k9 advantix ii.
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8:45 am
>> brian: quick headlines. rebecca brooks, chief executive of news corp. news international resigned this morning. brooks under pressure after the news of the world was implicated in a phone hacking scandal. the chairman of the news corp. rupert murdoch and his son plan to appear before british lawmakers tuesday to answer questions about the scandal. news corp. is the parent company of fox news, which is the channel you're watching. three girls in georgia left with a sour taste in their mouth after the police shut down their lemonade stand. officers said they need an official license. that would mean a mound of paperwork and hundreds of dollars in fees. and that's a quick look at what's happening in news and lemonade. >> steve: yep. thank you very much. newly released e-mails reveal
8:46 am
that white house staff officials there discussed excluding fox news from interviews with the obama administration. here is the latest with peter johnson, jr. peter, we were talking about this in 2009 and i wanted to show folks a little flashback to then. >> there cannot be selective and arbitrary access to the white house based on some subjective determination that i don't like your coverage, that i don't want the other networks to follow you in the way that you cover the news. >> steve: and now we are learning via some freedom of information act releases that the white house did try to deny fox news access and then lied about it. >> steve, we put our fingers on it almost two years ago and the white house screamed and yelled out, you're not telling the truth. they denied it. and now in about 80 pages of e-mails obtained through the freedom of information act by judicial watch, it proves that
8:47 am
the white house excluded fox news and then, unfortunately, didn't tell the truth about it. there's a fellow named dag vega who is part of the media operation at the white house at that time and he said, we would prefer if you skipped fox, please. then there were other e-mails, unfortunately, an incredibly one of the most incredible news people in america, stable serious responsible called bret baier a lunatic. talked about putting a dead fish in the fox news cubby, thank god they didn't do that. and then bragged on an e-mail about how in the past, they demonstrated their ability and willingness to exclude fox news from events, but we didn't do it here. and so some people say oh, okay. so what? we know that the white house was in a war against the fox news. we know that things have improved by virtue of the press secretary leaving and that the
8:48 am
press is in somehow a better position as a result, but we do know as a result of these e-mails that we were not being told the truth by the white house. >> steve: absolutely. because back then, robert gibbs was the press secretary and he was asked and he said, why weren't we in, why wasn't fox initially invited in on the interviews with fienberg, he said this started over a treasury and got to the white house and by the time it did, it was fixed. s that not true. the white house said -- >> let me tell i couldn't this is important. this was a constitutional showdown. fox news has a right under the first amendment, under equal protection of the 14th amendment to collect news, to appear at news conferences, to disseminate news. and it's not up to the white house to decide which news organizations, which news organizations have the right to be part of that pool of coverage. and so fox news took a stand. the other networks took a stand
8:49 am
and said, what you're doing to fox is wrong. the constitutional crisis was averted and now the lie has been revealed. it appears that it stopped. but it's an object and abject lesson to keep in mind. >> steve: you were right in 2009 and thanks for bringing us the latest. coming up next, lifehouse performs their big new hit. first, what's happening at the top of the hour? here is ali. >> let me tell you what's happening, steve. because at 9:00 a.m., speaker of the house john boehner announced he will hold a press conference on the tense state of the debt debate and president obama will hold one at 11:00 a.m. eastern. so we will be covering all of that for you. also there are new developments in the search for a missing missouri mother of triplets. a controversial new california law that will highlight the achievements of gay americans. we'll debate why that's necessary. all of that when bill and i see you in ten minutes. [ crunch ] look!
8:50 am
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>> steve: all right. are you ready for some lifehouse? [ cheers and applause ] guys. >> gretchen: here is lifehouse! hit it, guys! ♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
♪ you want me out ♪ ♪ then i'm on my way ♪ and i'm feeling ♪ feeling, feeling this way ♪ 'cause don't take too long ♪ i'm halfway down ♪ i'm halfway gone ♪ ♪ . ♪ don't take too long ♪ don't take too long ♪ 'cause i'm on my way ♪ if you take too long ♪ i'm halfway gone ♪ and i'm on my way ♪ i'm feeling, feeling, feeling this way ♪ ♪ 'cause you're halfway in
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8:59 am
>> steve: more lifehouse in the after the show show! you ready, folks? [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: havere

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